We provide the highest quality HVAC systems and customer service in the industry

Steelhead Mechanical LLC was formed in 2003 and is currently operated with the same office personal as well as many of the same field employees that started on day one. We have been providing professional HVAC related services for a long time and are proficient at delivering quality on time results for a fair price. We provide value to our customers by being efficient and providing solutions that provide the best life cycle benefits. We team with strategic partners who are leaders in their fields who also take the long term approach to customer service. 

Lets face it, the HVAC trade is not a glamorous field. We work where it is hot, cold, or poorly ventilated. It's hard work, but it is vital, and it is what we do. We all need to be comfortable in our homes and businesses. We make all sorts of buildings more comfortable, and more energy efficient. We have tackled many different types of projects successfully, be it a repair, a system replacement, a new building or an old one, we look forward to working for you.

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